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White Fox

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Have you looked out the window lately? It's spring time!


As much as I love fur and wearing fur outside in cold weather I am glad the weather is finally warming up enough to go outside and enjoy the great outdoors without having to bundle up or shovel all the snow.


I've been going outside for a walk every night for a half-hour walk if it's not too cold or rainy. The exercise is doing me good, too! 20 pounds worth of good! If I keep it up, in another couple of months I hope to take off another 20.


That's one reason why I haven't spent so much time at the den.

I've got a lot of other things at work and at home to keep my busy too.


I always check in every night before going to bed.

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I have to agree; I check more than once a day, but I am also spending more time outside now.


BTW: Have you seen recent offers for fur on e-bay ?!? Numbers have been going down and are going down right now ....



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