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NFL Draft


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I was surprised at some of the picks. Matthew Stafford the #1 pick?? And Mohamed Massaquoi #50? Maybe the Lions should have picked Massaquoi in the second round to give Stafford someone to throw to. IMHO, Stafford would not have had near the numbers he had at Georgia without Massaquoi. Mark Sanchez is another one. #5?? IMHO, there are two other QBs that haven't gone yet who are every bit as good, if not better than either Stafford or Sanchez (and Pat White). Graham Harrell from Texas Tech (like Stafford, what would have Harrell's numbers looked like without Michael Crabtree? At least the 49ers recognized that!) and (cough, cough, choke) John Parker Wilson from Alabama. I was also mildly surprised that LeSean McCoy went as high as he did. I know, I know. Shady's been hyped as the best thing since LaDanian Tomlinson or Adrian Peterson, but I ain't buyin' it! Oh, he's a good running back, but he's not great. I can't believe he was taken before Knowshon Moreno or even Glen Coffee.


As for the Titans, I'm not sure what your needs were this year, but both Britt and Marks are good football players. Britt especially. Being an Auburn grad, I watched as many Auburn games as I could this year, and when Marks was on, man he was on!. He was scary! On the other hand, I saw him in a couple of games where he looked like his brain had been anesthetized. I hope he works out for you guys.


The Steelers? Like Marks, Hood was a scary DT in college, and he should do well as a DE for the Steelers. I was surprised at our #1 pick. I would have thought they would have gone with someone for the O-Line or a CB. Of course, defense wins championships, and "Ziggy" will give us some good, quality depth on the D-Line. We didn't have a second round pick. For some unknown reason, Denver had to get their mitts on Richard Quinn. I didn't know that good blockers were that valuable . . . Oh, well - That will give us three third-round picks tomorrow.


Not a lot of depth in the draft this year. In fact, not a very good year at all. I hope no one is pinning their collective Super Bowl hopes on who they can draft this year . . .


On a sidebar, the Steeler's schedule for 2009 looks like a cakewalk compared to last year. Watch out! Those kind of things have a way of surprising even the best of prognosticators. Given their schedule last year, and the injuries - Who wudda thunk the Steelers would have even made the playoffs, much less win the Super Bowl! All things being, well, football, I'm guessing that the Steelers will have every bit as hard a time getting to the playoffs and beyond this year as they did last year. Maybe even harder.


See you on September 10!

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The Titans? A cakewalk? Ha!


The Steelers aren't gonna know hit em' when the Titans come to town!!!

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No, no, no, no, no, PT! I said, overall, compared to last year, the Steelers' schedule looks like a cakewalk. Didn't say every game would be easy. You know what "they" say about "any given Sunday" (or Monday, or Thursday . . . ) - Why even the Titans could come up with a good game . . . Ol' Jeff's gonna be eatin' his mustache!

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