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An Important Update

White Fox

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As some of you folks know we periodically move message threads out of this location to other areas. We are in that process now. As a result, some of you may have noticed that this forum is more than a page shorter than it was 24 hours ago.


Why and What?

Most threads here are moved into the Furrier's Corner area of Wiki. The reason we do this is that it is not very easy to find topics here if the list gets many pages long. Once moved, they are labeled, and as more and more topics are made here, we gradually are able to sort certain topics together. You will find that some message threads there are actually the combination of two or three or more threads that were originally posted here. Since they are the same topic they are congregated together. Also, sometimes we will just be putting individual threads on the same topic into the same area. Like "Cleaning Furs" for instance. Once moved, the original threads are deleted here.


Also, many threads are just n ot really Furrier's Corner posts after they become older, etc. So, a few are actually simply moved to the Den, etc.


So, if you see this forum getting smaller, don't worry. The threads still exist in the F/C area of Wiki. Also, I need to explain that we will only bring the forum down to a certain point. Newer posts here will still exist here in case you want to reply to them. And, If you wish to reply to a thread in the Wiki area, just make a new thread here with your question and a link to the old thread in wiki. I did exactly that last night with the question to MailonFurs, and Furcoatman.


This is a huge amount of work, and thus does not get done often. Making it even harder. But it just helps to keep the information in this area available to you at a quick glance. Well organized. And in concise format. As you all know, I don't do much moderator work. We have a great crew for that. So, this kind of work falls to me, and it is pretty constant.


If you have any questions, please feel free to ask on this thread.


Thanks all

White Fox

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All messages to be moved have now been moved. As mentioned most all can be found in the Furrier's area of the Library.

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