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MailonFurs and Furcoatman

White Fox

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Guys, we have had a lot of ideas here over time on whether furs should be cleaned yearly or just stored. Since it is "that time of year again", I was wondering if either of you might happen to be on and if you would mind giving us your ideas. Others here have given theirs, but both of you are very trustworthy in your advice, and I would like to hear it.


We have had other discussions here on this before, including this one. However, we have not heard from either of you on this topic.






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Great idea/timing, WF. I've also read that if furs are worn frequently during the winter they may need to be cleaned more frequently than annually and have wondered whether that's true. Rotating through a closet of 10 fur garments, I don't have that issue ... But others might.

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if you have a significant investment in a fur, then i suggest it highly. i don't do mine every year because each one did not cost me much, and it would cost me the price of a brand new coat every year to do all of mine. i do a select few that are important or worth more than others.


when a coat has been cleaned every year it is obvious because it looks good as new. you should have it done every year if you have worn it a bunch and even if you just wore it once. hanging on the hanger is not really good for the fur, it should be worn to keep it in top shape. your coat has a static charge and will attract dust even hanging in the closet.


just bite the bullet and do it.

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My furrier here in South Florida recommends storage every year (pretty much a no-brainer considering our climate) and cleaning every 2 years. I've been sticking to that schedule and find that my furs look great.



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