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White Fox

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I just wanted to let everyone know that Roninphy's work on Marilyn Monroe is now available in our Library, right beside the Jayne Mansfield and Silent Era areas. The reason of course for saving these is that you can now find them almost instantly any time you want to look at them. If they were not saved, you would have to search through endless posts here to find the proper threads. This way you can find them instantly.


If anyone here has not seen these, they are an absolute must. The photography, and the information there are pretty much unbelievable. I know how much work it was just to transfer Roninphy's work,so I cannot even believe the amount of work to create it in the first place. Those areas are an absolute MUST for anyone here.




Have fun folks. If you have not seen this you are in for an absolute treat! If you have seen them you will love going back for another look!


One thing that I really noticed were the two sides of Marilyn. One the normal photographic side. The second, the more unguarded side. In so many photos she has so much "crap" on her face that it almost looks like it could crack open.





Yet, in some photos, she just looks like the ordinary but very good looking woman walking down the street.



Once again folks. Have fun!


White Fox


Edited by AKcoyote: click on the thumbnails for the full size images.

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