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I am so sick of these animal activist loosers!!


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I know it doesn't make a lot of sense at first but I still believe that the best defense against PeTA is laughter.


Laugh at them. Laugh right in their faces. Laugh out loud. Laugh long and hard.

Ridicule them. Turn them into a laughing stock. Show the world what a ridiculous bunch of idiots they really are.


To do anything else is to justify their existence. If enough people stand up and laugh at them the organization will slowly whither and die.

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This might not be quite so bad (just predictable) if it were not for the dog wardens coming in and doing a fake inspection. Actually bowing down to these people.


There are few good things about something like this. The one good one is this. How many people will look at this and have sympathy at all for anyone but the dog breeder. PETA got some gains here. But they lost way more than they gained, as a few more people will now realize one more bit of truth about them when they read those papers.


They are NOT interested in the pets. They ARE interested in publicity and making money for themselves. It is just too bad that PETA was not stuck with a similar $4000 bill for losing the case.


**By the way, the write up is now in our Library.


***Added later. Just thought of something. Right now PETA is going after Obama for sympathy re the seal hunt. And right now they are after Biden with all this negative press re the dog. I wonder how that will all play out. V E R Y - I N T E R E S T I N G ... As an old comedian used to say on Laughin. If you were Obama, would you give them sympathy on one issue when they were doing that to Biden?



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