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Imagining things

Mr Barguzin

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Is it my imagination, or have a couple of members re-appeared after an absence?


In which case, it is WB Fb and VT.


(of course, it could be that due to my own (imposed) and self-imposed exile I've missed thangs and folks *grin*)

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It is always great to see new members, just as it is to see old ones posting again. Or similarly to see new sites like that of Mr M with his new photo site.


Piotr, you've been around long enough to see the following too. It seems a kind of endless chain of events. One site will become popular for awhile. Then another, then maybe another, or back to the first again. It is an endless circle.


I firmly believe that it is up to the individual member to decide which site that they like. If they like this one that is tremendous. If they like another better, then that is ok too. Not everyone buys the same kind of car or belongs to the same political party.


But as site owner, if I can provide a place for people to come and enjoy themselves, then I think we have done our best. But I cannot provide all of that. I can a little. But most every bit of that comes from individual members. It is all of you who make our little site come true! Virtually none of this is me. A large amount is due to our Founder FrBRGr. And all the rest. That huge part. Is you folks! " title="Applause" /> " title="Applause" /> " title="Applause" />


And, Thanks to all who do just that!


White Fox

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I have this bad tendency to get caught up in one thing or another and get dragged away for months at a time sometimes.


Just ask my poor chat friends! Sometimes they forget who I am, since I'm gone so much.


I am going to try to be around for some time again.


Part of the reason I decided to do a whole month of fur post thing is so that I'll be HERE for a month at LEAST. ^_^





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No problem - we understand that everyone's attention gets 'diverted' to other things - fortunately, we have a wonderful core group who 'hold down the fort' until others return. We thank everyone and appreciate all your contributions!



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