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White Fox

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You know I've always wondered. If you c opy and paste for instance, you save a message temporarily on the clip board.


That clip board has to be so simple to make for a programmer. And so many times I've had to figure how to work something as there is only one clip board. How difficult would it be to put two clip boards there instead of one, so you could save one thing in one while working on another, etc. That would I am sure be so easy within windows.


I know. I get really dumb ideas some times!



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Better yet... ditch Windoze and get a Mac.


That way you can just highlight some text on your screen then use your mouse cursor to drag it off the page you are working on and drop it onto your desktop. It will become a special type of file called a "text clipping."


When you need to retrieve your saved text just use your mouse to drag the clipping back into your document. It will appear wherever the insertion point (typing cursor) is located in your document.


You can make clippings of anything you can select in a document, text, pictures, etc.


You can have as many clippings as you want or need. Keep them as long as you want. Trash them when you're done.


There are extensions for Mac OS X that allow you to have several clipboards in your system. Look for them on www.versiontracker.com

There may be some for Windoze too. I don't know for sure. I don't do windows.


I know that in Unix, Linux and GNU systems (Emacs) you can have a clipboard ring of up to several levels. In other words, you copy the text "foo" to the clipboard then copy the text "bar" to the clipboard. With the correct keystrokes you can alternately retrieve "foo" or "bar" and paste it back into your document at a chosen location.

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