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Great Pic!


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That was one of my uploads. The reason being is that my Current Online Obsession™ is to find the website (or possibly the ebay store) of the Furrier where that shot, & the other two similar pics, came from. I pulled them from http://lafourrure.blogspot.com/, but it seems the comments have been disabled, so this was my next idea.


BTW, Worker moved it to the Candid album.

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The pic is from a French-Canadian furrier. He did have two stores at one stage as I recall. (In Ontario. One was in a town the other a city. Can't reall which city, but town [i think] was a double banger eg Chaud-Froid or some such)


The site was around prior to my crash (December 2006) so am not too sure if it still exists.

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I tried the comments spots in a couple of photos and they did seem to work. Now I did not really post one so manybe I did not get in far enough. But you might give it one more try.



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Edit: Moved to album. Here's the picture.

(Click on Pic)

Worker 11811




Just call me Technoklutz.


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Oh my...


look at all those gorgeous furs.....hanging behind the model..


isn't that just fur heaven....



ha ha ha ha ha

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