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Welcome to the Den, lovely! Thank you for your kind words - however, it's not the moderators that keep this place in business. It's you and all of our other members. There are simply too many people to thank - members who go out of their way every day to make posts in our various forums, add a photo or two to our gallery, or, in Brandy's case, to create a lot of truly amazing fur movies and pictorials. You're the reason we're here!



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Thank you so much for your compliment. We certainly do our best to try to do that.


F/L said it so well. If you and others send us links, or post a message in the forms now and then that goes so far to keep this place going. We mods can't really do a lot except to encourage that. But, each and every member out there can. Can you for instance imagine how lively that this or other sites would be if just one hundred members posted just three times a week each?


Welcome to the Den. We do hope that you will love it here and find it to be a place to come to relax and get away from all of the hassles of this modern world. We truly hope that you have fun here!


As Brandy says. FrBrGr our founder created an amazing place for us!



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Welcome to The Fur Den, Lovely!


I hope that you will enjoy this very special community and that we will hear from you often!

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