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Update at Mr Mockle's: Tracey Coleman - 15th March 2009


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After a long break, a further update to my website featuring a welcome return by Tracey Coleman and a mostly new selection of furs, some kindly loaned to me by friends. Hope you like them; please pass on any comments or criticism and let me know if there are any broken links or images.





Mr Mockle

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I really appreciate your work !!


All the effort you put in this is really worth for the classy pictures you got !


... Tracey Coleman really looks like a classic, secret and sexy women in all of these furs. I like the amber fox the most (.. of which you unfortunately did not get some "landscape" ones ...) followed by the silver fox, the lynx, then the chinchilla on the same level with the white camisole (the letter ones totally different, but on the same level of my liking ...)


Keep on going in those beautiful pictures !!



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Amazing work, Mr M! Many thanks for bringing Tracey back for more fur shots - of all the models that you've worked with over the years, she's my absolute favorite! If only she'd wear furs at her own website...



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Mr. Mockle,


Looks like the link for the latest TC complete shoot has gone missing as of Monday morning (US-EDT, 3/16). Was looking forward to seeing more of your great photos, and have enjoyed seeing many of the previous photo shoot pictures.



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Mr. Mockle, you have been one of the top contributors to the fur community since I can remember; I've always been drawn back to your site through the years, and each time my gratitude increases.


It is truly great to see another shoot from you, and to know that you are active once again.


Many thanks, for both the update, and the efforts you've shared with us in the past.

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