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Deja Fur


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I had dinner at a new restaurant this evening -- One with a "Great North Woods" theme. It was about 45 degrees out but I was cold (since I lost ~12 LB last fall I seem to chill easily) so I was wearing my newest faux fur jacket. Imagine my surprise when the hostess seated us at a table almost directly underneath a fur coat (draped on the wall ... part of the "Great North" decor) that almost perfectly matched the color and texture of my jacket. I did not ask if it was real (and it was too far up to touch without attracting attention) but it certainly looked like a "vintage" fur.


I experienced a sense of deja fur!


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I had a "progressive fur" day last weekend, changing outerwear as the temperature dropped over the course of the day. I wore a faux fur jacket during the afternoon (45 F) and to dinner (40 F), a mink jacket to the theater (35 F), and a Finn raccoon coat for post theater activities (30 F).


I was out of town and spent the night in a hotel. When I checked out Sunday morning I draped the Finn raccoon over my luggage. As I walked by a housekeeper, spying my coat she asked me "Are you heading to Alaska?" I smiled and responded "One of these days!" She then told me that when she first saw the coat she was kinda scared (I'm assuming she thought I had a big dog riding atop my suitcase!).

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