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Wearing Fur Also Makes One ... A Target


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I've posted on this topic before, but I think with the deteriorating economy it's definitely gotten worse.


When out and about in my furs in downtown Chicago this winter I've been rather aggressively approached by allegedly homeless folks (mostly men) asking for money. While this is nothing new, I've noted a new level of boldness (perhaps desperation?) this winter. Last weekend I was twice approached by men trying to sell free local newspapers (available on every other street corner). When I politely said "no, thank you" they both responded "What? You wearing that coat but don't have any money for the homeless???!!!" I said "no, thank you" again and walked on as they grumbled behind me.


Anyone else have similar experiences or am I just lucky?


There was a time when I felt sorry for these folks and gave them money but in recent years I've wizened up and come to the conclusion that giving them money is in essence rewarding them for undesirable behavior. So I've stopped. And I no longer feel guilty walking past them in a fabulous fur.

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Much as I empathize with the homeless, I try to remember that it's not in my power to help everybody all the time.


Sure, if I have money to give and the guy doesn't look like a career panhandler I might give him something if I'm in the mood. But, if the guy looks like a swindler or a habitual drunk I'll just say, "Sorry..." and keep walking. If I don't have change or a $1.00 bill handy I'll just say, "I don't have anything for you." Read that again. "I don't have anything for YOU." I might have money but I don't have anything to give YOU. Get it?


On occasion, I have been known to toss a guy my pack of cigarettes. (Before I quit smoking.) One time, I was walking home from a restaurant and I had a take-home box which I gave to a guy. He seemed really happy to get it so I guess it worked out for us both. Eh?


You are right. Giving that guy money wouldn't encourage him to solve his own problems, only prolong them.


Moral of the story: You aren't responsible for the well-being of every homeless guy on the street, regardless of whether you have fur or not.


That guy's comment toward you were specifically meant to get under your skin. Anybody who would stoop to name-calling just because you didn't give him anything probably doesn't deserve it.


The place I work for is a Catholic institution. Even the nuns would refuse a guy who called them names!

Don't feel bad about the situation. The guy would probably have been a jerk to you even if he wasn't a homeless beggar.

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Yes, I have noticed that in certain cities I seem to become more of a target for people looking for immediate charity of some sort, and Chicago is one of those places. Generally people are polite about it, but on occasion a cutting remark may be made relating to my presumed level of affluence.

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presumed level of affluence


I think you hit the nail on the head there, Lynxette. Good to hear from you!

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It only took place once. But was in a church and a guy came up asking for money for food. I kind of wondered why he would be asking when it was a church, and more or less just left to his shouts. Something just did not seem right.





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