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Getting back into dating again..


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Hello everyone. I haven't been on in a while, but again trying to make an effort to be more active.. too bad its getting late in the season.. (tears up a bit) But anyways I wanted to share with you a story in the making. Im a single divorced guy, a chronic fur addict, and a hopeless romantic who is looking for love again. I've been starting to chat with other women from various places online including dating sites and I think I may have found a very special one. We have yet to meet, yet, but she is a blonde Ukrainian woman, living in NY which is pretty good for me, but we were having a chat about our likes and all, and I asked her if she happened to like fur coats. She told me she loved them but didn't own any, and she loved the feel of them. Well I had to pick myself up off the floor after she told me that. I tried not to press the issue too much for now, but WOW. I really can't wait to meet her, however our schedules are not making that easy right now. but Im patient and definaly willing to wait it out.


I really hope this one isn't one that will get away.

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Good luck with that~! Really! Just be mindful (I hate to bring things down but..) of who she is and if she really is in NY. I ran that gambit once upon a time of being introduced to and trying to meet Eastern women myself. Some are honest and real, while others are.. well, 'not'. Keeping in the 'spirit' though, good luck and best wishes on this new possibility!

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Though Kappa has a valid point I wouldn't belabor it too much. We don't really know for sure. It would be a shame to have a good relationship go sour because of some worries about the other person's true intentions unless we have proof.


Scotty is a fireman. He's been around the block a few times. He's seen all sorts of people at their best and at their worst. I'm sure he's got a good sense of human nature. I doubt that there are many people who could pull the wool over his eyes for very long.


But, enough of that...

It's good to hear you've got a promising relationship going!

Just play it cool. Some women are like cats. If you chase them to much they'll run. If you play it cool they'll be sitting in your lap, purring before long. I guess the trick is to know when to chase and when to be cool.


My thoughts are to lean slightly toward the cool side until you've had a few dates. Then when the comfort level grows a bit yo can start opening up. It's good that your first encounters have had positive conversations about fur.


Just keep your head. You could have the start of something good!

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Good luck, Scotty.


Things worth having, usually come with risks, as you know.


If you never risk, you set on the "sideline" of life and miss the "real event"


It takes courage to reach out again. Unfortunately, I know.


God bless,



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