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Site Update for BlackWillo


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Hi Everyone. If you haven't been to my site in a long time....please visit. I think you'll find the Fav's and Pic of the Day are interesting this

week. Don't update as much as I'd like to (too busy looking at other fur sites), but try to make some changes at least once a week.





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Black, the time to update is the problem that all of us have. We would like to do so much more, but most of us only have a few minutes on the computer on these sites every day, and as such by the time we spread that around, it just seems that there is such little time left.


Keep up the great work. You've been around for a long while now and it is great to see these sites like yours that are the old stable ones for so long still here and being updated. THAT is what makes every fur site work! Sites like yours are what makes ours and others worth while as well.



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