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What's your wildest fantasy fur?

Guest tom4fur

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Mine would be the "Ultimate Cruella Deville fox ensemble" for my girlfriend. She would wear it only for me as it would be too shocking for others. There would be a fox stole made of four large foxes.

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I'm having some difficulty picturing that one.


I had a great dream featuring a blond in a full length fur dyed bright red. She was sitting easy with it tied at the waist. Nothing exciting happened, TYPICAL! Can't say what type of fur it was other than to say it was a 'dream fur'.


I quite like the idea of a 'golden fleece' that bestows great powers on the wearer.

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There "male" parts would be tanned and stuffed erect then wrapped in bright red silk. Free to dangle with the heads, paws and tails.


I never would have thought up something like that. That's brilliant!

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