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Another nice link or two

White Fox

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Lots of collars and coats here. None that stunning, but still a nice link.




I know that all runway videos are the same after awhile. But this one has at least a bit of a difference.



A rather strange little clip, but some fur throughout. - A lizard in a woman's skin.




Fashion Fix Fur. A video about fur's return. Not too bad really.



Artisti Elena, International Fur Fair. A nice video as runway shows go. This one is quite well done.



Artisti Elena Moscow Exhibition. Not as good as the other though a few nice shots in the second half.



Eva Longoria. Famous Fur People Tribute. By Charlene. You always know hers are so good!




And to think back to one of the nicest fur videos on the net. And it is by our own former Mod Earendil!


Fur Vibes. This is number one. But there are two and three also.


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I had only seen her in the sable ... Was unaware her collection was so extensive. Several nice pieces. And she is a knock out in each of them.

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