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What started your fetish?


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Yes yes I know it has been posted before I hope you don't mind me revisiting.


I seem to remember having a desire to wrap myself in soft things when i was a child. Possibly this is because there was a lack of physical comforting in my adoptive family. To this day it is very awkward to offer a hug or a kiss to a family member. I believe my genetic make up to be much more 'touchy feely' than my adoptive folks. Its just one of those things.


So the substitution of physical 'love' - of the platonic kind - for soft materials clearly developed with me through puberty and you can guess the rest.


Speaking frankly though, here in the UK fur rarely presents itself and I do believe it is the internet that has fuelled the fire. I remember waiting half an hour for that picture of Trinity Loren in blue fox to download on dial up . The devil makes work for idle hands. Its so true.

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I'm not sure! I have had a thing for furs ever since I was little and I think it started with seeing them on TV shows. I had an awkward but pleasurable experience with a fur early on. My passion is for real furs only as nothing compares to natures beauty. I also LOVE bearskin rugs!

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