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Just thought you folks might like to know about the following.


In our links area right now we have 1,072 links that have MOSTLY been checked lately and are thus up to date. " title="Applause" /> " title="Applause" /> Most are rated for quality, etc. The latest check is not completely done yet so there might be a very few (less than 20) that are not active now. We try to check them every 6 months or so. But folks, this is a HUGE job! We may be forced to change that to yearly due to the work involved.


Of those links, we have links to 311 videos for you to watch. 475 furriers. 77 educational links, and there are also some of these of course in some other areas. 58 sites with photos and/or forums like ours. Plus some other areas. Of the 475 furriers, 246 are in the Americas and 229 are in the rest of the world. As I recall, only one of those in the Americas is in South America.


We do not delete some links that we find dead if we think they might come back the next time we update, so a few links in there are known to have gone down in the last 6 months.


***I want to thank all members who have given us links to post there, or posted new ones here, etc. I hope that everyone realizes that it is ok to post links here that are already in our links area. We love to see comments about those here for instance. Many of those links can be seen time and time again, and just keep getting better.


***At the risk of missing some names here, I want to thank JGalanos and FrBrGr for all of the work that they do in this area. As mentioned, checking links there and keeping that area up to date is really a lot of work. Plus once again, thanks to everyone who contributes links. Can we get to 2,000 soon? With your help finding links folks, it is certainly possible! We love to see you post links here, be they new or old.


And of course there are way over 18,000 pictures in our Gallery....


Just a quick update.

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