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Don't remember it, per se, but I do like this one because they use "real" people for models instead of those dressed up broomsticks they usually use.


Maybe you can tell I don't like bony women.

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I visited that place when I was in Montreal and if my eyes do not deceive me was greeted by the designer herself, although i didn't know she was the 'head honcho' at the time. Although I explained I wasn't buying and was just 'curious' she is just like I remember, charming and passionate about her craft - really genuine. She does quite a range of mens garments too. If you are lucky enough to be in Montreal go and visit - you wont be disappointed.



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It's been on before, but that makes not difference. It is a great link and very interesting. A fascinating site really due to their different outlook


Always so great to see links that are worth while coming back like that! We should search to see if they have a web site too, but I've not got time now.



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