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gallery upload doesn't work

Lil Dragonfly

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Lil Dragon...


I am not the one to give you advice on this. There are others more qualified so I may be way off base on this.


I am just wondering. In our Gallery you need to put the pictures into a file called Sorting bin. Then our mods will place them into the proper file. The reason we do this is once again to avoid PETA pictures. If you want a photo placed into a certain album, just put that info into the filing informaton when you post the picture and the picture mods will see it. ***It is also important that you put the kind of fur in the post. I suggest that you put it in the title, and then it is easily searched, and all members can see it quickly.


Please avoid a word like "Foxy", or "SoftMink", or such things. These titles are there to allow folks to search for mink, fox, etc. Thus, Foxy will not work where Fox will


Once again, I may be way off base with this. Please let us know if the above solves your problem. Also for information on our Gallery and posting to it please see out "Rules and Tutorials" section beside the link that you click for Gallery, etc. In there, is a great deal of information available on posting photos, etc.


Hope that helps. But if it doesn't please let us know as I am NOT the one around here to help with that area. Others are much more qualified.



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This falls into the "should not occur" category of problems.


Lil Dragonfly,

I am not seeing any problem currently, so I suggest you try again and contact me directly (via PM) if you continue to encounter problems.

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