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A Huge Thanks

White Fox

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A number of things here...


First off, I want to say a huge "THANKYOU" to Brandy for another donation to our site this week. It is only through people who remember us like this that we are able to keep going. It is amazing how quickly the invoices seem to come in here, and with a server like ours and a site of this size, it does become very expensive. On top of that we are right on the edge of needing more space. The Gallery for instance is so huge! So, the bills will be even higher. And we hope to open another whole large area soon here that will make it even more so.


Also, I want to remind others here that you can have your own little private area here just like Brandy does. Just contact us for details. It is indeed very easy to do.


I hope that everyone keeps an eye on her wiki page. http://vdsden.thefurden.com/fdwiki/?n=Sponsors.Brandy-uk

A fantastic little spot indeed.


As mentioned, you can have your own web page just like hers. And you can even have your own forum just like Brandy does if you wish as well. It is indeed, very simple. Yes, it involves a donaton. And yes, it involves posting. I have not done the math for awhile, but as I recall it is between ten and fifteen cents a day to do it. And think how much fun you could have with that ten cents, with your own sub forum and web page, etc. And at the same time you would be helping us out so much! How much fun can you have on the gas that ten cents buys? And how much fun can you have on those few pennies here? Many people seem to think that this is something that Brandy does because she is on the staff of our site. No, that is not the case. Our site is set up so that any member can do this. You do not need to be a moderator or have special "Pull" here. That has NOTHING at all to do with it!


Once again Brandy thank you so much for thinking of us again! We certainly all have so much fun in your area! We hope that you have as much fun creating it!

White Fox

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I don't really want to do my weekly update...


I am forced into it by a mean and horrible manager who runs EFA..


All I ever wanted to be was a poet..


who will ever save me.....




Thankyou for your words guys.... I love this site and I really enjoy having my own little playarea.. where I can be as 'furry ' as I want...


It is my pleasure to be here....!






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