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OK PETA attacks sports again


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Well I wouldn't consider it a sport, but apparently foxsports.com does. PETA has compared the Westminster Dog Show to something of a KKK rally. If you are not familiar with the Klu Klux Klan they are a arian white superemist group that basically hate everybody especiall African Americans, who they have widely known to have lynched through time.

More on how bad this group is can be read here. http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/KKK


Here is the story from foxsports.com written by the AP http://msn.foxsports.com/other/story/9201478/PETA-uses-KKK-imagery-at-dog-show-protest.


The best part of it all and the nice jab to the kidney is right here.


Police monitored the situation from nearby, but the scene was mostly calm. One shouting match broke out during the hour-long protest.

Earlier, a man strode away yelling, "That's disgusting! I'm going to buy more fur!"


I'm still shocked they have not shown up at the Super Bowl complaining how many pigs it takes to produce the balls.

According to NFL.com[7]: The home club shall have 36 balls for outdoor games and 24 for indoor games available for testing with a pressure gauge by the referee two hours prior to the starting time of the game to meet with League requirements. Do the math that's a hell of a lot of pigs.

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I'm still shocked they have not shown up at the Super Bowl complaining how many pigs it takes to produce the balls.


Yeah, but pigs aren't cute and furry.

You can't make money arguing about dirty, smelly pigs.


BUT... If you can stir up some controversy about cute dogs and cats you can get people to repeat your name over and over again in public and in the media.


THEN... IF you can stir up enough controversy you can get people to donate money to your "cause." $ $ $


PeTA doesn't give a rat's a$$ about animals, really.

If they did, they wouldn't kill 2,000 of them every year. What PeTA really cares about is getting money in the form of donations from gullible people who think they are giving to a good cause.


People won't give money to save pigs.

Therefore PeTA doesn't give any more than occasional lip service to the cause of pigs used to make leather for footballs.

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Once again, peta's ignorance and hypocracy shine through...


Not for nothing, but isn't the Westminster show the last thing you want to boycott if your a dog/animal lover? It raises tons for money for the Pedigree Foundation which does far more to save homeless dogs than peta has. The PF certainly has killed fewer dogs than peta...



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