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Would anyone like to help?

White Fox

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We are looking for some volunteers here. Two or three maybe. This is an easy project, but it is one that will always be there. week after week. year after year. The people who do it do not need moderator status or anything such.


*To explain. We have up til now encouraged people to try to post photos in our Gallery for instance rather than photo sites, etc. This was a great idea for awhile. But we realize that we are asking a lot to expect members to not post duplicates now. To do the uploads all of the time. etc. etc. etc. With way over 18,000 photos in there and counting NO ONE can keep track of that! We do not expect anyone to do that in even the slightest way.


*The project needs... What we would like to do is to have two or three people who would like to watch for links in the Forums that have great photos in them. We hope that these people will take these photos and post them in the Gallery. From there the Gallery mods can put them in proper places, etc.


*How this affects other members... Other members will be able to realize that often times photos in links that they post here will make their way to the Gallery. I think that members sometimes are hesitant to post links here as they don't want to duplicate. This is NOT a problem, but I think that sometimes our set up here made it seem that it was. Members would by times I think assume we did not want to see a link if the photo duplicated to the Gallery. This is not the case. Even remotely so!


We will expect members to still post to the Gallery when possible. If we just post everything as links, we will "Kill these new folks with work" the first week. This place is to be fun for them too. So, yes they are here for backup. But we need your help still too.


*What we would like these new folks to do... It would be nice if you would go through our Gallery just now and then if you are going to do this. Just a bit to become familiar with what photos are in there. NO we do NOT expect you to know every photo in the Gallery. Nor half. Nor even a quarter. This place is supposed to be fun! But we would like you to have a look through just now and then so you might be able to help the Gallery mods weed out some duplicates. As mentioned we do not expect members, photo mods, or anyone else to know what is in there. No one here does entirely.


*Who we don't expect to do this. We do not expect members who are working in our wiki for instance to be involved in this. We do not want to burn anyone out from too much work here!


*Who can do this. As mentioned, anyone can be involved in this project. You do not need to be a den mod or photo mod. You don't need any qualifications, skills, or rank here like number of posts, etc. You can be involved in other forums and still do this here. (You can even do this in secret if you would like to do that, so other forums you help in do not know! ) If you like photos and would like to volunteer, then this is the spot you would likely love.


*****We can only do this if we have some help. If you would like to make the Den a better place, and be part of that, please let us know. We would love to make this project go and would love your help to do it!


White Fox


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Just a quick note that we would still like to do this to improve our Gallery and have more links here too. Anyone willing to help? It simply means transferring pictures from links here into our Gallery. As mentioned, you do not have to sign in as a moderator or anything.


We do I think need a minimum of two people to do this and preferably three as this is a long term project. I don't want anyone here to get burned out from transferring endless links for months on end. So if only one person is interested, I don't think we can go ahead.


So folks, here is your chance to help out the Den. But if you are already working in wiki, or doing a lot of work in other areas, I suggest you not do this. We need someone who is not highly involved with helping us in another area already.



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