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I wore my fisher coat in inclement weather and it looks like the bottom of the coat got coated with an ice/salt mixture and is now kinda matted. Any suggestions re: how to restore the fur (other than taking it to a professional)? One of the hazards of wearing an ankle length coat, I suppose. ; (



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I really am sorry about your coat and very much wish I could give you advice on how to fix it but can't. I guess the only thing I can say is the quicker it's fixed the better given the impact time may have.


Thanks for your help in the past and I do hope you get a useful answer soon!

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Since our furrier members have not yet replied, I will try to help.


First, gently scrape off any dried material that will flake off without too much effort.


Second use a clean damp NOT WET rag or towel to soften and remove the additional material that is on the surface of the hair. It is important that you do NOT get the leather wet.


If this procedure removes the crud, let the hair naturally air dry and when dry, brush the area using a fine wire pet brush to separate and fluff the hairs. Be careful to not brush too vigorously as brushing can remove a fair amount of the underwool of the pelt.


If however the crud has gotten deeply into the underwool of the pelt, having a reputable furrier clean the coat is the best way to go.

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Indeed this is one of the problems with a full length fur.


I especially have this problem with salt/ water in my car when the weather is slushy and wet snow.


I have seen so many fur where this has caused the pelt to oxidize/ dry out prematurely on the hemline and then the fur had to be shortened.


In another thread we talked about how often to clean. This would be another reason to have this fur clean annually. Make sure you point out to furrier this has happened.



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