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For posts about animals that may or may not exist, and what speculation evidence there is for them.


Hopefully furnation will tell us about mothman


I van tell you without shadow o douby that panthers in large numbers roam the British countryside, and may have done for quite some time.


How is Bigfoot?

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I seem to recall something on the Discovery Channel about the "supposed" great cats running wild in England.


The best part, for me, was the film they actually caught while filming landscapes OF a big cat on the loose. They snuck it in the end, and sort of dared the viewer to 'make of it what they would.'


Don't know much about that otherwise, although I do have my thoughts on Bigfoot, the Loch Ness Monster and other cryptoids.


Loch Ness Monster: I don't believe in it.


Bigfoot: Again, I'm dubious to say the least.


The Abominable Snowman (Yeti): Err...I don't know. Maybe?


Mothman: Not a chance.


Goatman: Not a chance again.


(Add your own animal here)man: Urban myths one and all. WITH the exception of Sableman, who I'm relatively DOES exist. *laugh* After all I've read his stories.


Jersey Devil, Chupacabra, Various Other two legged bloodsucking fiends in the same vein: No.


Wisconsin Werewolves: *laughs* NO.


The Perfect Gentlemen who buys you Dinner and doesn't try and slip into your house with you afterwards: While this creature seems to have once existed, I think they went extinct.

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I should take you folks Snype hunting sometime.


They don't have much of a pelt but tasty if you can get enough of them to be filling.



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Personally, I think all of these can be chalked up to urban myths. And anyone who investigates these things is involved in nothing more than pseudoscience (at best!).

The only pictures of Nessy I've ever seen have been some creature far off in the distance or something in some horribly murky waters (that could be anything).

Same thing with Bigfoot, the only "footage" I've ever seen has been subpar at best. And again, there's no solid evidence. It's all made up in the minds of those who have nothing better to do than believe this useless garbage.

As for all the rest, (Chupacabra, Mothman, Goatman, etc.) there's not even any "pictures" of "footage", so you know right off the bat that it stems from local stories and they're just sustained by weak minds that can't think for themselves.

Ok, I feel better now.

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How about aliens? They would seem to be more plausible. I believe they exist, somewhere.. What do you all think?


I read somewhere that many scientists think that alien contact isn't even close to achievable for another 10,000 years. That being said, I know of at least three people, none of whom I would normally have cause to doubt for a moment, who have seen odd lights in the sky that defied any rationalization.


UFOs? Yes, but keep in mind that they were UFOs because my friends did not know what they were. What they saw were just lights in the sky that defied their rationalization. I saw something in my fridge that defied rationalization the other day, but I'm no closer to believing that IT was of a supernatural origin.


I suppose with popular culture being what it is today, aliens are popular, a hot topic amongst people with nothing better to believe in than that we've got grey skinned big eyed anal probing cow mutilating aliens sneaking around keeping an eye on us, but I'm more inclined to believe in one eyed one horned flying purple people eaters personally.


That said, somewhere in this universe there has to be life apart from that found on our own meager planet. It's certainly not a scientific impossibility, it's just not likely we've met anything we didn't consciously or unconsciously concoct ourselves.


I suppose it goes without saying but when someone shows me a picture of bigfoot, the loch ness monster or alien that isn't blurry, miles away, or without negatives or one comes to my door to borrow a cup of sugar, I'm going to have to be a skeptic.


Now ghosts on the other hand. I need not go into what I think about THEM.


Purple People should be wary still.



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Yes saw the movie but we in the UK were unfamiliar with the actual myth prior to it.

The Mexican version seems a lot more sinister. And re S1M17s comments about aliens, why were armed forces helicopters observed dropping mutilated animla corpses off on fairly inaccessible ranch land?


On the big cats I can tell you:

1. The legend of the Trellech panther goes back a long way in to celtic legend.

2. Two juveniles were darted in south wales recently and sent to a dutch zoo.

3. I have seen them several times.

4. Virtually every farmer in the area has had stock attacked on occassion by them.

5. One young lad was attacked and scarred by one.

6. Lots of hunt contact with the creatures, the most astounding of which was when the Mendip staghounds had a Lynx cornered up a tree. The animal was not hunted as the hounds were getting injured.

7. Lots of other actual captured puma in the Berkshire and other areas.

8. We found a dead roadkill spotted small big cat near the road in cheltenham of "unknown" origin and species.

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In a conversation with an older gal in that town who worked at a restaurant a friend of mine asked her if she believed in Mothman.


The answer was... "Oh yes. My sister seen it!"


Then followed with this line... "But she was going home from a party and was very drunk at the time!"




P.S. As to how is Bigfoot? He is just fine right now. Only thing is that he is extremely frustrated. He just cannot find shoes to fit him and when he asked a shoe maker to make some, he found out that PETA had banned all leather.

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I actually watched this program on Bigfoot where this Russian ( I think) scientist of some sort went to live with this woman and her daughter, in the middle of nowhere pretty much. Nowhere being a big forest. The woman claimed that she knew a family of 'bigfeet' or 'bigfoots', and that the eldest would come over to her house, speaking in fluent English, to talk or ask her for things (sugar once apparently). She had a whole family tree of the creatures. No actual evidence of them existing was shown on the show though.


I've watched a few too many alien programs I believe. One particularly 'convincing' one told the story of this man in Nevada (or some other state with desert..) who was driving at night through the desert, when he saw a glow off to his right. He approached it and the glow was being emitted from a conical shaped object which looked like it was made of stone and had ridges running down it. The object was in physical view as the man showed it to the presenter, which doesn't happen that often.. usually no proof. He told her how he had chipped a piece off and sent it to some military research base, and also how he had received no reply or any form of contact whatsoever.


Anyway.. this particular 'object' was special because another had been found in the 1940s. It was in a German fighter plane wreck, right at the back, and apparently the conical stone thing was a projectile which had penetrated the front of the plane to the back. This is just one of numerous alien stories I know..


I probably spend too much time watching/looking up supernatural/ extra-terrestrial phenomena.. I find it interesting though, regardless of the validity of it all.

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How about aliens? They would seem to be more plausible. I believe they exist, somewhere.. What do you all think?



Fox... was it something you ate??

I can answer that question too!!!


I don't believe in any of this crap, but, since I my other half is an astronomy major who want's to work to find extra-terrestrial intelligence, I may have to start.

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How about aliens? They would seem to be more plausible. I believe they exist, somewhere.. What do you all think?


Don't even get me started on "aliens"! Perhaps when I have more time, I'll come back and post some more.

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I have heard in New Mexico theres a secret US base full of aliens.



Dont laugh. Its true.






Mexicans really do exist.

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In an infinite universe with an infinite amount of matter and an infinite number of ways to rearrange that matter over an infinite amount of time, it is a virtual mathematical certainty that extraterrestrial life DOES exist.


It's "The Law of Large Numbers"... A.K.A.: "The Infinite Number of Monkeys" problem.


Given the infinite size of the universe it's probably not possible that an extraterrestrial race could travel between stars in a finite amount of time without some exotic form of technology. Assuming that THEIR part of the universe is as old as OURS and that we got our start in cosmic life at approximately the same time as they did, it's not likely that such an exotic form of technology could have been developed by an alien race that WE haven't already invented ourselves.


Therefore, since WE can't travel to other star systems yet, it's probably true that an alien race could not travel to ours.


But, again, since the existence of an extraterrestrial race is postulated on the Law of Large Numbers it IS possible that an alien race could have stumbled on some technology that we don't have and, thereby, WOULD be able to travel to our world.


HOWEVER, if you believe THAT line of reasoning, you have just created a circular arguement and have invalidated the original premise, thereby invalidating all premises that follow.


BUT, since we are using a circular arguement, that means that the hypothesis is simultaneously valid AND invalid.


THIS means that alien races simultaneously exist AND do NOT exist!


If you can't wrap your brain around that, GO ASK SCHRODINGER.


NOW... Since we can postulate the existence of space aliens but we can't directly observe them, any attempt to determine if they really DO exist would alter their state of existence and make it impossible for us to determine their true nature... IF they exist at all.


THEN... Since we can formulate a question about whether aliens exist... regardless of their true state of existence... they MUST exist because everybody knows that Descartes has already proven, "Cogito ergo sum." ("I think, therefore I am.") If we can THINK about them, do they not exist?


Without going through another whole set of bull$hit circular arguements we can simply say, "We THINK that we think aliens exist."


In summation:


Ambrose Bierce said it best...


"Cogito cogito ergo cotito sum."





Si hoc legere scis, nimium eruditionis habes!

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An interesting hypothesis worker......but it wont mean jack when they abduct you.


I think they are among us already, They are allergic to animals and cigarette smoke and so are using the political system (disguised as humans...but you can identify some of them when they start talking about animla ethics when really they want to get rid of all of them) they have infilitrated to wipe out both, so they can survive without eating actimel.

DONT EAT IT!!! Thats how they take you over. Soya too...and dont eat anything that says Heinz on it. You become a total zombie then .


I think their mother craft may be under the ground near salt lake city.....


Domt worry though. They totally freak and die immediately of shock when they cross by accident into Tenessee.

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I've taken Nutritional [brewers] Yeast since I was 19. It is, indeed, an aquired taste. Mixed with peanut butter the taste is almost totally disguised. I grew quickly to depend on it.


It's B Complex value is incalculable and is the single most significant source available. One of the side benefits of crudely brewed beers.



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Its Marmite in the UK and its okay its dead. I think.Its yummy...in fact I am now going to have some one toast before getting a couple of hours sleep.


Actimel though is weird. Its very weird.

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Liquified yogurt? Right?


Can't eat it! Milk products and me don't get along!

And, don't give me that lactobacillus/GMO bacteria bull either! Not ALL of the lactose is consumed.


You don't want to be around me if I've been eating anything that's got more than a small amount of milk in it!

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In Oz, we have the BUNYIP.


It supposedly comes out at night and lives near billabongs.


Never been captured on film.... (scientific bit now... there is a certain bat in Oz who has this habit of catching its prey, eating what it wants and then flying to a water course and dropping the remains into the water. This has been taken to explain the sound of something hitting the water, but nothing being actually seen or heard.)

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I remember eating in an roadside restaurant in Wyoming awhile back that had a stuffed Jackalope over the counter.


A Jackrabbit with antlers.



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