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Montreal furriers


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Can any of our Montreal/Canadian contingent help me?


I'm visiting Montreal next week. I've looked up the furriers in the Canadian Yellow Pages, and it's a very, very long list! Not sure I'm going to be able to get round all of them. Can anyone recommend any of them which are must-see furriers?





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I do know that Oliver gave me directions to his site once, but I was not able to go as the trip got canceled. I do know that he has a fantastic web site and one or two members here have ordered from there.


I agree with you totally. You want to find the best and largest furriers and concentrate on those. And ignore the rest unless you find a little extra time. I've been in similar situations where I looked and looked for a store I found in the yellow pages, only to find very, very little when I got there. And later found I had missed others that would have been so much better.


Hope others can help you here.



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Here I can help....


you have to go see oliverfurs... you'll get a bargain for sure.... new and used furs and he is a great guy

and you have to go downtown Montreal where is a street of furriers... the street is short but each building contain multiple fur shop... you have to enter and go up some floors... there you will see first quality furs


hope it help


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