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question about the gallery

Lil Dragonfly

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How do you guys make sure that none of the pics are repeats?
With the keen eye and memory of OFF, our lead moderator for the Gallery.


Actually, we do not have a method to insure that there are no duplicates. OFF has probably found over 90% of all duplicate submissions. We estimate that of approximately 18,000 images, there might be 125 duplicates and probably less. Some images are intentionally duplicates, but of differing quality. OFF has uploaded cleaned up / improved versions of some images and left the originally uploaded image so that the original poster of the image gets credit for submitting it.

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You can sometimes do a search as well to find things. Often times it is not this easy. But say you had a photo of J Lopez and wondered if it was in the Gallery.


If it was say Lopez in a chinchilla coat, you can go to the Gallery, and do a search for "Lopez". Just remember to check to search file names as well. If the file had Lopez anywhere when it was posted, you will then find it. You could for instance also then do a search for "Chinchilla".


Gradually we are doing an upgrade in the Gallery where every photo will have a fur name IF we know what that is. Long way from finished with that yet. But we are getting there. Trims area is pretty much done. Fashion is about 90% done now. etc.


So, in short. Yep, it is kind of hard. But there are ways to help at least.



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