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Hair extensions and fox fur down under!


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G'day all,


Having moved to Aus at the end of last year, I have been a little out of touch from the Den, but have a day off and thought I'd check in.

Since arriving, it has obviously got a lot hotter, but I bought a Fox jacket from Ebay just after new year, much to the gf's suprise! And last week, the better half decided to get hair extensions, having wanted long hair for ages. I love it! She was obviously gorgeous before, but now with long red hair (just above her bum), and wearing a light brown natural coloured big fox jacket, she looks devine.


I remember enquiring about the long hair and fur section in the gallery ages ago, and since it's creation (thanks!), I can now at last see my GF in fur, with long hair!


It took a while to explain why I had bought the coat, she knew I liked fur, as I had a coyote throw on the sofa and a fox boa across the head board in the bedroom, and she liked touching it too. But i Think it took her by surprise when I got the coat delivered, but she loves it too. It's a bit hot at the moment to really enjoy it, but I try!


So many new posts to read since last signing in, so little time to read!

999 xxx

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Say, welcome back Agent 999. Always so great to see old faces again! I hope that you enjoy catching up on the old threads and photos that you missed. It always seems when you come in every day two or three times a day that not much goes on. But if you are away for even a week it is so surprising to realize just how much that you missed in that period of time. How long you find that it takes to catch up again.


As to your girl friend. I've a good friend that works in a restaurant near me. Usually her long hair is done up in a pony tail. And believe me this is one real stunning gal looks wise. Tall, slim, and a face that will make any guy's clock go double time guaranteed. Well, just once in awhile she has that hair down when I come in. It is only just a few cm's past the shoulder in length. But man, does that make one's heart beat a whole lot faster just taking a look at her! I can hardly imagine adding fur to the picture. Call the AMBULANCE!!! That's what I would need if I ever see that!


Welcome back!



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Thanks WF,


I hear from family and the news that the UK s covered with snow at the moment, and Adelaide (luckily i'm in Sydney) is sweltering in 42 deg!

Bring on winter down here, and I will get out in fur, for the first time, I hope.


So much to read up on, even just the pictures in the gallery take a while to look through!


I've always been a fan of long hair on girls (only on their heads tho), it just makes everything more sensual, flowing, soft and sooo much more. Makes me just want to hold them more, preferably skin to skin, under fur!


Thanks for the welcome back, and when winter comes I will try to keep you updated on furry goings on in Oz. There always is in our house, wearing it now, but no one else does!


999 xxx

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Hi Fur 999..


it is just like us Brits to complain about everything.. to much snow.. too much heat.. too many kangeroos..


ha ha ha..


How are you?


we all miss you





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