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Sweden wins!!


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Congratulations, Sweden!!





Decided you deserved your own thread on this one!


Just wanted to be the first to congratulate you on the win in hockey. Could not watch the actual game but kept and eye on it. Looked like a fabulous game. Hope to watch it tonight.


And, yes your little country should be so proud!



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Until I moved North in Michigan I lived in Ann Arbor for about 5 years.(University of Michigan's home town) This is right outside of Detroit where the Red Wings are located.


I was lucky enough to live there when the Red Wings brought in all the foreign players and we started to win. So, I have watched Lidstrom play many times in person.


I lost interest in the game after living here though. TV just does not do the game justice. Being there is ELECTRIC!!!


You would be surprised how many women who really do not care for spectator sports absolutely LOVE hockey.


I hope I can watch the actual game tonight. It has special meaning knowing that it is your team. It is nice to share this happy time with you.


Your friend always,



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Yes, it sure was a great game, but I rate the semi against Chech Republic as the best game for Sweden of the whole tournament.

Me and about 30 000 others celebrated the gold with both the men's and the women's hockeyteam here in Stockholm yesterday, a great experience!



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