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Fur at the North American Int'l Auto Show in Detroit?


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I have the opportunity to check out the Detroit Auto show next week. Detroit's on the skids, yes, but with all this cold weather, is it a fur town? Chicago's a hop, skip and jump away, but I don't want to waste too much time traveling. I've never been to Detroit...


Thanks all.



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Will be interesting to see what others say.


I've indeed brought and worn fur to the show. However, there is a problem. Don't know if you have been there as it is HUGE in big letters. And well heated. So people tend to try to leave coats in the car. Cash them somewhere. Or just carry them. Yep, I've seen furs at the show. But not many. Just for that reason. Watch people coming in or going out though. If you don't have a ticket in advance by the way, be prepared. It can be a short wait in line!


Detroit in general. Yes, if you get a chance I would class Detroit as a "Medium or slightly lower" fur city. Not bad really on the whole. For one thing our darker skinned folks tend to love fur, and those gals look so good in it too. You will often also the guys wearing it. Sometimes not too bad in large shopping centers.


Again, I am not a Detroit resident (but been there a fair number of times), so it will be interesting to hear from anyone who is to hear their throughts on this.


White Fox


P.S. Let me know when you are going to the show. I don't think I am going to be able to make it this year. But, if I could I could meet you there for a short time maybe.

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When I lived in New Jersey, I'd go to the New York Auto Show every (and the Philadelphia Auto Show too!). Since the NY show always begins on Easter Weekend, furs were a hit or miss affair, depending on weather. There were usually a number of furs to be seen at the Philly show, with it falling right around this time of year. In either case, most folks would drop them at the coat check - but one or two ladies would wear their coats inside the shows. Most of the furs that I remember were mink. The most memorable was a lady in a huge, HUGE crystal fox coat. Just amazing!!



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