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Brandy's Fur report from London


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Hi Guys..


I went to Carnaby Street, Ganton Street and Oxford Street in the heart of London yesterday.


I accompanied my husband up there on a business meeting.. I was in London for 4 hours...1pm - 5pm..


I saw.....NOTHING!!!!!!!!!!!!!!



a total flop..






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Sorry to hear that you had no joy in the West End recently. I have to say that I haven't seen any furs around locally since Tuesday although the cold and dry has been replaced by mild and damp weather since then. Until the temperature drops again you may not see too many furs around again sadly but they say that next week might be colder and we are likely to get a few more cold snaps before spring.



Mr Mockle

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Oh dear, sounds like you were in the wrong place. If you were nearer the square mile, you might have seen me in the coat in my avatar's pic =p


Having said that, I have to agree with you, there was bugger all else. Least I had a couple of people shyly come up and stroke my coat during the week =)

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