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Would anyone like a free hooded F/L white Fox coat?

White Fox

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Did that title get your attention? I hope that it did. No, I am not giving one away - I only asked if you would like one right? But it is extremely important that you read this message.


We really need your help (and no, I am not asking for money!!!) Are you a member or guest who has never posted, or has it been a long time since you posted? Folks, sites like this have their lifeblood from the magic of new posters, or old ones returning just like you. Have you posted less than two posts or photos in the last week? Do you enjoy looking at our site? If you do, I hope you will contribute a few posts, because if we don't keep having new blood here or on the other fur sites like FFG or Mikhail's, they will die. The problem is that the "Old Farts" like White Fox, just keep posting the same things over and over. We need new blood.


Would you miss the Den if it were not here? Would you miss NTC, Fourrure Club, or Fur Fashion Guide? Would you miss those fantastic and continual high quality links that they find at Mikhail's if you could not go there to see them? If you enjoy coming here just a tiny bit please think about contributing just a post or two now and then. Yes, I know your privacy issues. And indeed, you have no idea how well that I know your fear. Yes, I had that too just exactly like you, yet I now actually have the keys to this site for awhile til I get old and pass them on to someone else. You do not need to let anyone know who you are. Each and everyone here is just like you. We are not techno geeks, or strange people who meet in strange places. We will not try to find your true identity, or let others know information about you. I can bet that if you and I were to meet tonight you would be surprised that we are exactly the same! Yes, you can post and have fun. Yes, you can maintain your privacy and still post. And yes, you have no idea what that simple post or two will mean here or on other fur sites.


Just yesterday Brandy mentioned how dead that this place has been this past week since New Years, and other sites have been the same. Folks, think of the work that she does here taking those photos and posting them here. Coordinating to get the photos taken, dressing, posing, and taking them, Cropping them etc to get them just right, and all the work of posting them. That work is for YOU and it takes her endless hours! Have you taken just one minute to say thankyou? How many sites have people who do things like that just for you. Think of the time that Kostos at Mailon Furs takes to come here so often and answer your questions about furs. Where else could you go to have those questions answered by a professional furrier who will not be expecting an instant sale in return for the work he has put in typing to you. Think of the time that OFF takes to maintain the Gallery. Or the work that those members who post often here put into that. I am lucky here that as site owner, my job is more limited, but think of the time that the mods put in here. And think of the tiny time it would take you to make just two posts. We need new people to post here and on the other fur sites to be able to keep all of that up. Sure I could post ten new message threads a day for two weeks and the site would look busy, but what good would that do bringing out my old stale ideas. We need YOUR new ones!


I challenge each and everyone here who has not posted two messages in the last week to do exactly that for the next four weeks. If you don't like our site, then post on Mikhail's site, or Fourrure Club. Or on NTC, or Fur Fashion Guide. If you will do just that, you will be surprised how exciting that your favorite fur site will become! And just how much that you will really enjoy yourself here. You will be so happy you did.


And every other person here will be so happy that you did too, when they realize just how much more exciting that our little fur sites on the internet have become!


Will some of you please take up my challenge? I am really looking forward to the exciting new topics, and meeting some new members here. I can speak for every moderator and staff member here. For FrBrGr our Founder. For the many members here who post messages so often to keep our site going. For those who post so tirelessly to our Gallery. That would really make our day!


White Fox

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It's a new year, with a new administration. Wouldn't it be nice if it were a new time for fur. As we huddle together to create a better economic environment, let's embrace the warmth and renewablilty of fur. Perhaps the new first lady or some others will "risk" the political fallout and decide to be warm and fashion-forward at the inauguration.

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I know I don't post much, but I am still here. Brandy is a star. Although a fur fan I am not obsessive about it and so it is low on the list of priorities of things to do. Plus I share the PC with other people. Jazz harmony is the holy grail for me and believe me that takes up all my spare time after work.


Perhaps people are feeling unsure of themselves right now with all the economic rumblings that are going on. By the way if anyone needs an electrician in the Bath, Salisbury areas...


Thankyou so much to every one who does post and make the fur den such a warm and cosy place.

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renewable resources wrote "Perhaps the new first lady or some others will "risk" the political fallout and decide to be warm and fashion-forward at the inauguration."

Well don't count on it. We were at the Kennedy Center for a concert last week and I was very disappointed at the fur turnout.

I did see one very tall lady (probably 6'1") with a hugh full length mink that was wonderful, but otherwise disappointing.

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Thanks for you words white fox...


I don't need to be thanked.. I will keep beavering away at my fur-den area... I like it.. but the occasional chat would be nice.. ha ha ha ha


We all need to bring a little life to the den.. but I also can sympathise with people worries abut the world credit crises.. so i know folks are busy else where...


No under false advertising laws.... you are in trouble....where the free fur..?






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You are right! Wow. I need to be punished again. I suggest you tie me up in that white fox coat and...


Come to think of it maybe that isn't punishment is it?


Mommy I'll be good next time if you watch me very closely and take my hand and...



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