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Another change on FourrureClub ;)


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Hi friends,

and a happy new year to you and the one you love !


Well, I'd like to share with you about something new on FourrureClub, we want now to be more open to membership, that's why I'll activate every new member without asking for a photo. You can of course still send a photo if you want, but feel free to apply, it's very simple now !


Amis francophones, ce petit post juste pour indiquer que le FourrureCLub est maintenant de nouveau ouvert à l'édhésion sans nécessiter l'envoi de photo? Vous pourrez bien sûr toujours en envoyer une et vous serez accueilli avec grand plaisir par l'ensemble des membres !


All the best

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What is it... what ?

Well till now the FourrureClub (a french speaking fur lovers forum) needed to send a personnal photo to apply for membership... now it's over.

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The Fourrure Club is as you might expect from the title a French fur discussion site just like this one in English. However, they do have English sections too, like stories, A Gallery that of course works in any language, and a fantastic video area. Although we have a video links area, theirs is a fantastic place, and is the result of a lot of work that they have done in that area collecting old videos, etc. If they had not done that basic work many of the links in ours would not exist at all. I give them total 100% credit for that. The site is well worth a little time to look around, etc. It is a great site.




It is indeed a site we often forget, as I did when mentioning other fur sites tonight in another post. This is simply because their forums are French so we tend to forget them by times. I just noticed in fact that they are not in our links area, and that over site will soon be fixed!!!


I certainly urge anyone to go have a look at the site and explore it a bit. You will be glad that you did.



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Ouch, withefox, my words are missing to express what I feel

you have very kind words for us, little frenchies


Anyway, I'll write you soon to tell you about news in our reviews sections...

All the best !

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