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Calgary and Banff


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Hi all,

I've just been lucky enough to return from 2 weeks in Canada,the first 4 nights in Calgary where it was bitterly cold and perfect for fur wearing,i took my blackfox jacket and my girlfriend her dyed red Finish Racoon jacket.Plenty of compliments but not many other furs with a full length coyote,full length mink and blue fox jacket about the total for 4 days.Banff was alot better with a variety of full lengths and jackets with a full length lynx the pick of them all. This was an improvement as i went over about 10 years ago and i think i saw only 2 furs in the 2 weeks spent in Banff!!!!.Italian ski resorts still top the list for fur spotting with Cortina and Madonna di campiglio heading the list. Talking to a very friendly assistant in the Snowflake fur and leather store in Banff she assured me that sale figures have been going up over the last 5 years so hopefully the rockies will be covered with as much fur as there was snow!!


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Winnipeg has also been in the middle of a deep freeze since the beginning of December with only a few days of "normal" temperatures... the fur count has been pretty well NIL.. nothing to talk about until that lovely beaver sighting today...

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I spent a week in Banff and Lake Louise in 2000. At the end of February, I saw about 100 furs...I kept track, too. My favorite was a middle aged blonde woman in an enormous indigo fox coat. She was walking out of a pub drunk with girlfriends...she bear-hugged the first five people she saw including ME. I was walking down the street with friends and happened to be in her teetering path. She burbled out, "yyyouu smelll goodd..." and kept stumbling into the arms of the next person...it was hilarious. And sooooo soft. I think I posted about this on NTCweb back in the day...



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