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NYT article from 1918: Driving cars in winter in fur coats!


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I have come across this article from the New York Times that was published in 1918, when the automobiles of the day were quite poor in terms of insulation and heating. Hence, one had to be wrapped in furs to be comfortable while driving!


WINTER STYLES IN MOTOR CLOTHING; Many Neat Effects in Furs and Heavy Fabrics for Comfort in Cold Weather Driving.

Zero weather cannot stop the use of the motor car, for its utility as a passenger vehicle is recognized with greater emphasis when the thermometer indicates arctic conditions in and around New York.



The full article is available as a free PDF downlad, but that might require free registration:



One of the many interesting points found in the article is about the rising popularity of raccoon coats for men, because they keep the motorists warm. In the words of one furrier: "What last year was considered livery for the servant (referring to the chauffeur) has this year become a luxury for the master."

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Indeed a fantastic write up. I had never before equated the use of racoon coats in that era with the cold cars. But it makes so much sense now! Oh to live in that time!


I am noting this for future transfer to our Library. I think we might have missed some things awhile back that should have been transferred. If anyone knows what they are please let us know.



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I certainly don't driving in my car with the heater at full blast. It get very stuffy, and uncomfortable. I keep the air con on, and wrap my self in as much fur as I can. ie my new(ish) MINK coat, MINK scarf, MINK hat, and CHINCHILLA gloves.

For work (about a 25mile drive) I just wear my MINK jacket, with my knitted MINK scarf, MINK hat, and MINK tie.

Just great

Happy New Year to all


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i have an older car and the heater does not work at highway speeds. it can be as cold as 0 degrees inside the car. that is when i really treasure my fur coat, hat, and mittens.


if the heater starts working (if i am in rush hour) then i have to roll down the window!! lol

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What a fantastic find...


I may be a little bit of a romantic at heart.. but as I red the passage I could really see the ladies pulling up their fur coats around heir necks as the wind whistled across their faces.... and of course they would have been wearing gloves too.... another of my thrills..


it must have been a fab time.... oh yeah.. not excluding the wall market crash of that period too....






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