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Fur Remodeling and Fur Repair Matching House


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Henry Cowit Inc. has been remodeling and repairing fur coats for the industry for over 70 years. As the country’s oldest and largest fur matching house, fur retailers worldwide come to us for matching materials for their fur remodeling and fur repair.


You, our special retail customer, will receive a wholesale price for you fur remodeling and fur repairs when you come to Henry Cowit Inc. and Madison Ave. Furs.


Fur Coat Remodel

We can remodel your mink or fur coat that is outdated and turn it into an exciting new fur style that is much more up to date with today’s fur fashion.


When remodeling your mink or fur coat there are a multitude of changes that we can make:


  • *new mink cuffs
    *new fur collar
    *mink hood


All these might be added during remodeling to jazz up your fur coat or fur jacket.


Many of the older fur coats are way to bulky and heavy to be worn comfortably today. Our fur remodeling service can give a new life to your fur coat.


  • *We can remodel and cut down your old fur coat into a sporty fur stroller with a hood.
    *We can raise or lower the armholes on your fur coat and soften the shoulders to give your fur that more up to date look.
    *If your mink coat is too tight or too large, we can resize it with perfectly matched material so the fur coat will fit you like brand new.
    *If you have received that fur coat from your grandmother or your aunt and it doesn’t fit, if it’s still in good shape, we can transform that coat by remodeling it into a modern day fur coat with your own monogram that will retain its sentimental value.


Fur Remodeling Leftover Materials Options


  • Leftover material from your fur coat remodel can be made into a fur stole, scarf, headbands, hoods or earmuffs.
    Shearing down your mink coat (taking off the top hairs leaving you with the soft, silky feel) and turning it into a mink lined raincoat is another possibility.
    You can give your old fur coat a new life as a home accessory.
    Turn your fur into a blanket or throw or maybe fur pillows.
    Adding fur to non-fur coats such as wool or cashmere can add a touch of elegance to these garments. Possibly a pair of mink, fox or even sable cuffs and a new fur collar can give you a brand new design.
    Fur coat remodeling can be easy as one, two, three at Henry Cowit Inc. and Madison Ave. Furs, where we are your one STOP shopping for all your fur needs. As third generation furriers, our experience and expertise is unsurpassed.



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I would like to extend a warm welcome too. You will find that there are many people here who are more than ready to hear what you have tell and offer us.


I have some ideas to share with you. What I think you could do is to give the public more "ideas." I mean, I am sure you carry out dozens of such alterations every season. Today, digital cameras are very affordable and hosting your images on the internet has become practically free. You could create a free account on one of the many photohosting services, or you could upload your photos to the gallery. Take lots of "before" and "after" pictures. Be creative and fuel our imagination. Take closeups of your detail work, in the cuffs, collars, sewing at the joints etc, so that we may appreciate your craftsmanship. Take videos, in which you explain how you transformed the coat. Upload them to the youtube (disable the comments and ratings so as not to be bothered by the anti-fur crap). Today, the whole world has become one giant marketplace. Try to elicit new customers from all over the world.


Personally, I have two 3/4 pastel mink coats, two f/l mahogany mink coats, one f/l raccoon coat, and a f/l coyote coat, all in need of serious alteration or remodeling. They are just sitting idly in my closet, but if I see a trustable furrier completely transforming old fur coats into new ones, I will definitely be interested.


Or, there is this ebay item with an affordable Buy it Now price, but I am being put off by the thought of some necessary alterations. Would it be alright if I arranged for the item to be shipped directly to you, then you carry out the alterations to my specification, clean and glaze the item and send it to me?


Again, welcome and best wishes,



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hopefully, you will not only offer your professional help in ordinary things, but you might have read through some posts to offer EXTAORDINARY help in our belongings in this forum


Best wishes for the upcoming days


Zaphod bee

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