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Fur sightings aplenty at NFL game today


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It was around 30 degrees at kickoff today for the Titans-Steelers game.


I saw several full length minks, two sables, 1 full length lynx, 2 blue fox jackets, one hooded crystal fox jacket with matching hat, and two coyote jackets. And this was ALL within about a 30yard radius of the section I sit in. As cold as it was, my wife didn't want to wear a fur today for fear of it getting dirty, but that didn't stop her from putting some on when we got home!!


Oh and FrBrGr, your Steelers gave a good game today. A solid opponent I must say! " title="Applause" />

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The more fur the better!


It wasn't a football game but I saw two full length minks at the opera yesterday. (Thaïs)

There was also a nice rabbit fur vest and a Karakul (Persian lamb) coat with mink collar.


Whether it was opera or football, it was great fur weather this weekend!

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I was wondering about how many fur clad ladies would be at many NFL games around the country. I still remember the Philadelphia playoff game when I saw a women in a huge f/l tanuki on tv. You must have had so much fun seeing so many wonderful fur clad ladies. I wonder if any will be seen on tomorrow nights Packers/Bears monday night game in Chicago.


Furry Dreams,



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