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anti-PETA article: need help

Lil Dragonfly

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Some such have been saved in our Library. However, our mods and I don't have the time to save them all unfortunately. There is so much we miss due to being busy.


Have a look to see if it happens to be in the Library.


If someone would like to help us with that project of saving some of these things, please let us know. There are so many different things should be saved from this forum, and the Archives, etc. But we need help to be able to do what we really should be doing. You don't necessarily need to work in the Library itself if you don't want to, to help out although it is a really great way to learn wiki in just three or four hours maybe. It is becoming more and more popular on the net.



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Lil Dragon, things are going to get pretty busy now with Christmas time and such. How be we leave this for the most part til Christmas is over and then we can work on it then.


Really great to have the offer of help. Please give me a PM after Christmas (or if you wish after New Years) when things settle down and we can work out how to go at this.




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