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Do you own a dog? No, but I own a fur coat. God I love it!


All joking aside though both articles are well done indeed. Both in fact should be in our Library. If someone else gets time before I can, it would really be appreciated. Just make note of the fact that you have transferred it. If no one else does, I will try to do it when I get a few spare minutes here some time.



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Excellent article. At last an article about fur in a mainstream UK national daily that isn't full of the usual hysterical anti-fur diatribe. Interesting comments beneath it. The person who said that there are eco-friendly alternatives ("thermal clothing") is, of course, completely missing the main point (for me, at least) about wearing fur: i.e. that it feels incredibly sensuous / gorgeous / to wear! North Face et al is great for climbing mountains and hiking, but do we really want to wear it around town (or in the bedroom)?

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