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In Search of a Midnight Kiss

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Movie fur alert:

"In Search of a Midnight Kiss."






Both main female characters wear a fur throughout the movie.

Especially the character "Vivian" played by Sara Simmonds wears a coat with a nice big fur collar for almost the whole movie.






Maybe it's not enough to make it worth watching this movie solely on the basis of seeing a few glimpses of fur but it's certainly enough to move this film to the top of your list if you are trying to decide between this and another one.

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Update: Found another picture from the movie.


This time it's the character "Min" played by Kathleen Luong




This one is either fake or it's cheap rabbit fur.

Don't know for sure. You only get to see this girl wearing fur for one scene. The other girl "Vivian" wears her fur collar for almost the entire movie.

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