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Cheltenham races


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Has anyone been to the Cheltenham races in England? There's a race meeting there next Friday and Saturday and I'm wondering whether it's likely to be a good place for fur sightings. It's certainly cold enough at the moment, and Cheltenham is a very well-to-do area.


Any thoughts?

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TouchofSable used to often talk about some of the race tracks, and I believe that was one he talked of. He has not been around much for a long time though. But maybe he will see this by chance and reply.


I believe that that was one track that he has mentioned to be a really good fur siting experience.



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In Miscellaneous section.


In "Eyeball" style, it is in the second line down in the middle. I think all other styles are like that, but I might be wrong.


Again, in "Eyeball" style (theme), at around pages 18 to 20 there are race photos. There are a few that might be race photos on page 6. And there are some around page 26 and 27. I believe that the pages are the same layout for each style (theme) but I could be wrong on that. i.e., I think that a page number contains the same photos in any style or theme.



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Just wanted to apologize here. I had not realized that there was a problem in the Gallery making it so you could not see the race photos. As AK mentioned, it can be really hard for us, as we pretty much see everything automatically around here. Since most mods work in the Gallery, they can see all of it as well. Thus, when a problem arises like the one we just had we do not know about it. I should have realized something was wrong, but we did not realize that a problem could arise in the way that this one did.


Well now. Now you should be able to find the photos. Hope all is ok now.


White Fox

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Happy New Year to everyone!


I spent the day at the Cheltenham races. There were a number of furs on display, though perhaps not as many as I'd hoped. I don't quite have Mr Mockle's capacity for remembering the details of every single item I saw, so I'll just summarise!


As I drove towards the racecourse, through the town centre, there was a lady crossing the road wearing a full length mink. Nice way to mark my arrival!


There were maybe a dozen full length minks, one full length brown fox coat, one blue fox jacket. The nicest coat on view was a full length mink coat with sable collar. There were a lot of shearlings and various faux fur coats. A sea of furry hats, but mostly faux fur. There were 3 beautiful fox hats. 2 silver, and 1 crystal worn by a pretty young lady. Her friends loved the hat and kept trying it on!


All of these coats and accessories were in the Club/Tattersalls area. I only crossed over to the Best Mate enclosure for the last race, and there was nothing to be seen there (apart from the horse racing, or course ). The private boxes obviously had a higher concentration of furs.


One of the things I was looking forward to was the stalls. There were paintings, lots of tweed, and some fur. Again, a lot of hats. Not the kind of big hats you would find in a furrier, but furry nonetheless. One stall was selling shearling coats, and another had some jackets and coats which looked like mink, but also looked secondhand.


But then I came across a surprise. As I headed into one of the stands, I saw a banner advertising the ponygurlcouture (PGC) website. I believe this is the venture set up by former Denizen, Touchofsable. The banner showed the PGC model Birdie Barnes in a silver fox jacket. Heading through the doors into the stand, there was a collection of PGC paintings of women, in furs, with horses. Including some slightly risque paintings. There were 3 salespeople. A man in bright orange clothes (ToS himself?), and 2 ladies in furs - the 2 models from PGC.


And, round the corner, there was a rack of furs. Including most of the furs on display on the PGC website, like the electric blue and pink fox jackets. Not quite the kind of thing that one could imagine people wearing at the races - where the more traditional brown and black minks are the order of the day - but nice to see something a bit different. The prices were suitably expensive, with a minimum of nearly £2000. Still, with the kind of prospective customers at the racecourse, price was probably no issue.


Finally, as I was leaving Cheltenham, I spotted a young lady in an ornate iris mink stroller. She was heading into the cinema with a group of friends who looked, without wishing to sound too derogatory ;-p, like chavs, as we call them in the UK I was gobsmacked - you don't see many furs being worn by girls in their early twenties over here, and especially not in cinemas.


All in all, not a bad day, but I'm not a great fan of mink so I was a little disappointed! As a couple of inadequately dressed ladies put it, it was "f**king freezing", and still there weren't that many furs. It seems the British prefer to wear inadequate woollen or puffer coats then complain about how cold it is, rather than blocking out the cold with fur


I'm sorely tempted to head over to St Moritz for one of the White Turf weekends. Judging by some of the photos, it promises to have a rather higher concentration of furs.

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Hi Elbas,

My girlfriend and myself have been to St Moritz with 'touch' and his girlfriend and i can assure you it is a fantastic fur fest.Being a keen racing fan i can advise you that Sandown is a good fur venue but Cheltenham in March at the festival is excellent as long as the weather is right.If anybody is interested in going to St Moritz check out the cheap flights to Geneva or Zurich,rail travel is reasonable and easy and then check out the Best Western hotel in Samnaun which is 2train stops outside St Moritz and only 10 minutes away.The train stops right beside the frozen lake where the racing is held.I hope this may be of help but if anyone needs more info just drop me a line,



Note... Message Altered by White Fox on request of a member. Thanks

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