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British men's magazine "After Dark" & machoism of 70's-80's


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You may have noticed my recent uploads to the "Men in furs" section of the gallery. When I found those photos I was quite excited. My excitement was due to the fact that these pictures all came from a British magazine for men, with the title After Dark from 1970's and 1980's. I did an archive search and I was surprised that no one mentioned this magazine. I also looked for some issues, and at least one ebay seller marks this magazine as "gay interest"! I think the magazine was pretty mainstream, but the fact that the mainstream men's magazine has come to be regarded as "gay interest" shows how quickly society's perceptions of sexuality and gender changes.


I believe if we could go through the issues of this magazine, we could find more photos and articles on men in fur. We could also get much better scan of the photos I uploaded.


I am not old enough to have read men's magazines of that period-my recollections of men's magazines begin from late 1980's but even during that period, there was a certain machoism that permeated those publications. A true gentleman would know how to dress, how to wine and dine, how to impress his woman, etc. I think wearing fur in that period fit well into that machoism "I am a smart guy and I can pull anything off, including fur!" type of attitude. So I am thinking this magazine could be well worth the effort to check out.


So, those of you old enough to remember those days, what do you think about the culture and lifestyle of 1970's and 1980's and how fur-wearing men fit into that?

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samurman, your question is interesting. And, I think a real answer takes a lot more thought than I have time for right now or have at least had time to do yet.


However, there is one observation that I think might work into this. And, this is almost more modern than the time period that you suggest but I will throw it out anyhow.


I was in a large mall recently that is just far enough away from me that I do not get to it often. I happened to be passing by the information booth, and looked at their site map showing the stores there, etc. The person in charge of information said to me "Is there anything I can do to help?". At first I said "No", but then said "Yes, you can put more men's stores in here!" Of course it was an impossible request. But. It shows the idea.


When talking about this, it was mentioned that this was probably the second largest mall within 200 kilos in any direction. They did not have one men's store, but some stores did sell men's things as well as women's. And the gal in the information booth remarked how Sears was the only store in there that had men's clothing that was not really aimed somewhat at the 25 year old or younger.


I am just wondering how much that this idea works in with your topic. If a man's clothing store cannot survive today, can a men's magazine, unless it is aimed at that same time period. And, if one thinks about it, often those stores for the younger male have a lot of products with a slight "Gay" flair within their style range. That seems to be the big theme almost right now. Every tv programs must have a gay actor(ress) in real life, or one playing that part in the series. Even radio talk shows seem that way. And many styles for men of that age have that "Flair" to them. So, maybe this magazine is kind of part of that.


***I do so love that blue fox in there for men. And if this was that time period that is fantastic! Today, furriers are finally beginning to realize men can wear such as that. But back then, almost every furrier was of the old stereotype of "Men can only wear black mink and they have to be gay to do that." And even though they are opening to the idea today, I have never saw one in a magazine, etc. Strange thing is that chinchilla is so much more fragile, and yet magazines and web sites show that now and then, but never ever do they show a man in blue fox.


Just a thought.


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