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Reporting a bad message.

White Fox

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Folks, we have been using this new phpBB format for awhile now, and there is one thing you should know about now that you have become familiar with our new home.


On bottom right of any message box (different place if you use prosilver style I think), you will see an icon that is really an explanation mark. If you just move your mouse pointer over it, you will see "Report Post". In prosilver it is a red exclamation mark in a triangle at the top of the post.


If you happen to see a message from a spammer that we have not yet found, or any message that does not conform to our rules please use this feature to send a report to us. One of the problems is that we do not see this enough here, so we might miss it. So, as a cross check please click for the moderator to let you know when the issue is dealt with. That way, if our staff should miss a report you can let us know via pm. We will promise to try not to miss one!


Thanks all


White Fox


Edited by AKcoyote to add prosilver info.

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What?! Did I miss one?

There was one yesterday but I banned his ass and deleted his spammy-ass messages. Was there another one I didn't see?


I must be getting slow...

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