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I think photos are new


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Nice pics!


This one . . .03162mmj004122399lodj5.th.jpg . . . reminds me of my blue fox bonnet. A different kind of fur, for sure, but really, really nice. To me, there's something very sensual about the head being swathed in fur - !

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I love the shots..... but why is it that in some photos these fashion models look like they are being 'shafted' from behind.. or they are startled by the headlights of a car.....


I would love to see some fashion shoots of furs in which the models look like they are having fun and really enjoying the furs..


it is so much more pleasurable to see a girl who is really enjoying the soft plushness of the fur...rather than just wearing it because someone told her too.. and also told her to go on a diet..!


just an observation..






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