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NFL Season Almost Over


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NFL season will be over in about a month. How's everyone's teams and fantasy teams doing? My Tennessee Titans have done really good (damn Jets!), and I will be at the Pittsburgh game next month. Anyone else keeping track this season?

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Yo, PT - ! Yeah, man - Congrats on the Titans' season so far! Looks like they'll easily win three more games (Detroit, Cleveland and Houston) discounting any "any given Sunday" heroics, before they get to their next big test . . . The Steelers, then the Colts. Even at 13-3, the Titans will have the best record in the NFL this regular season.


My Steelers are hangin' in there. Sometimes barely, but hangin' just the same. We have more than just one "ugly" win. Our good news is that Big Ben hasn't thrown an interception in two games, and didn't get sacked once in our last game. Of course, that was with the Bungals, so maybe that doesn't mean much. I said at the beginning of the season that with the Steelers' schedule this year we would be lucky to come out of the season with a 10-6 record. We're 8-3 now, with the Pats, Cowboys, Ravens, Titans and Browns left, and with only the Cowboys and Brownies at home. Of course, the Steelers have always been a good road team, so who knows what may happen in Nashville, Foxborough or Baltimore? One thing's for sure - It ain't gonna be a walk in the park! Not even with the Brownies. Thank God we don't have the Jets during the regular season, at least. Right now, in spite of W-L records, the Jets are playing the best football in the AFC. I would kill to get their offensive line for the Steelers. Brett Favre never had it so good!


Here's hoping Jeff Fisher eats his mustache on the 21st . . .

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