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Roninphy's great works

White Fox

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I just wanted to let you folks know that Roninphy's great works are now available in the Library as well. As you know, so often we have fantastic posts that "just go off the end" and are buried under hundreds or thousands of other posts made later. The library is here to avoid that, and is indeed the second most used area of our site. Now Roninphy's Mansfield thread is available in our Library here.... http://vdsden.thefurden.com/fdwiki/?n=Photo.SpecialExhibition1


The original thread is of course still available here in the forums, but you will always be able to see it there as well.


In the not too distant future the Monroe thread will be available as well. However, we want to give that thread a chance to "live here" first before we do that transfer.


Thanks all


White Fox

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