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Site Update and change of Internet Provider


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Just a short note to say that I have loaded my site onto a new provider from dot5hosting. The link is as follows:




The site has been updated completely as of today Nov.14th,2008


Hopefully this will be a great improvement from old loacation at geocities with their download limitations.


Let me know if you encounter problems.



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Thanks BlackWillow


I have updated your link here and the description. Nice looking site. I can tall you have done a lot of work in developing it. Looking forward to more updates.



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That's real nice.


Judging by the look of the code, you wrote it by hand. Right?

I always give a guy bonus points for writing a website by hand.


Anyway, I like simple and clean websites. Super-duper graphics and animations are all well and good but, there's no substitute for a simple website that says what the author wants the viewer to know then shuts up.


I don't have to worry about freaky sounds coming out of my speakers when I don't want them. I don't have to worry about having a fast internet connection. I don't have to worry about having the right plugins or codecs. I can simply go to a website and see what there is to see without having to fuss around.


'Nuff said!

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