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Some tremendous links

White Fox

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First off, I want to mention that we do not normally mention other fur sites a lot here. Problem is if we do that, we just all end up describing each other, rather than getting round to finding new ideas, links, etc.




I have to give credit right now to the folks over at Mikhail's site. http://members.boardhost.com/mikhailk/ This past four or five weeks they have found some absolutely beautiful links. I really think that you will enjoy them if you have a look. We all know that finding these sites is not easy. Yes, it is easy to go and find the first few links. But after that it gets harder and harder to find sites in different languages, etc. You will find the experience really worth while.


While there please say a word of thanks to those who searched these out.


White Fox

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Cunning Fox...


Yep, she looks a lot like my girlfriend! " title="Applause" /> " title="Applause" />


OK, I know. White, quit day-dreaming, and go back to work!


Back I go to the cupboard under the stairs in case the moderators here find that someone let me out!



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