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Major update on FourrureClub.com


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Hi friends,

hope it won't be consider as a marketplace-like post, whitefox, if I can remember, you told me I could post it there...

Anyway if I don't, excuse me, in advance


Well, I made a major graphical and technical update on my website, le FourrureClub, hope you like it, I tried to do my best to ease browsing for non-french speakers... Note that everything is not yet online (reviews and english stories aren't in the site yet) but it'll come soon...


Kisses to Brandy, White fox (maybe a hug would be better than "kisses" ) and english friends !



FourrureCllub's webmaster

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No problem Matt. We do allow advertisements here for other sites now and then. Just not all of the time.


Feel free to post your URL so folks can find you.

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